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To teach a teenage dog to sit

July 14, 2010

Sigrid was born sometime April 2008. I don’t know how her mother looks like or where she was born.

Then, almost a year ago, Sigrid was brought to SOS-Animal’s dog shelter on Costa del Sol. Almost half a year ago, I saw her for the first time. I didn’t notice her then; one dog among 90 has to be lucky to be recognised, and at this time Sigrid wasn’t.

A few months later, however, I volunteered to take home a foster dog. I was just going to keep her for a month or so before she was going to Sweden for adoption. She never went.

They say you can’t train an old dog to sit. I’ve never even taught a young dog to sit. So Sigrid and I, after two months together, have some work to do.

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