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Wet mutt coming through!

July 20, 2010

Yesterday when we went to the ball park, Sigrid both managed to sit down in chewing gum and lie down in something very nasty-smelling. So when we came home, Sigrid ended up getting a bald patch on her but and in grave need of a shower.

I don’t really get what the problem is with her and the shower. She loves water and loves grooming, so she should really love the shower.

But no. She pants as if she’s trying to operate a windmill all by herself.

Well, at least she stands still and I was able to rub the schampoo in real good to get that smell off of her. Then, when she was properly washed off I opened the door and let her out.

She managed to soak both bathroom and livingroom before she got the idea to give my boyfriend a goodnight kiss. Unfortunately, he was already in bed. Sheets, blanket, boyfriend, all got soaked.

But she wouldn’t settle for that. After that, she went into crazy mode. This means Sigrid turns into a tennis ball herself and bounces around the flat while spinning around in little circles. The problem last night was, of course, that she was still wet and slipped across the floors like a tennis ball on ice.

Then, she found a ball. The high-speed pursuit that followed sent her crashing against any wall in her way, including previously clean areas. When the ball was caught, it was obvious to Sigrid that the ball should be returned to the bed.

The whole flat ended up wet. Not only the floors, that would be a shame for such a good game. Bed, couch, walls. All got a little taste of the wet mutt. All but one thing. Sigrid’s blanket remained nice and dry for her to lie down on when the game was finally over.

Readers with dogs: Does your dog go crazy too after the shower? Share it and put your wet mutt stories in the comments field!

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  1. Helena permalink
    July 20, 2010 2:02 pm

    LOL, my Wanda (from sos-animals) also go crazy after shower, but not so much as your dog. 🙂 I guess they really don’t like to shower and all the energi they gather while doing it must come out somehow.

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