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The taste of Forbidden fruit

August 30, 2010

In the dead of night, Sigrid wanders the dark and empty living room. She spots a Hidden Treasure left by two tired Masters on the sofa table: a pair of eaten stumps of sweet corn. She knows she isn’t supposed to eat them, but a little lick won’t hurt anyone.

It tastes of Forbidden Pleasure. Not that it’s tasty in itself, but it is Forbidden, and the Masters are asleep.

Sigrid takes a bite. Then another one. The joy of discovering such treasures takes the better of this little mutt.

Before she knows it, the sweetcorn stumps are gone. She ponders. The masters surely wouldn’t notice in the morning, would they? There’s a chance she has just committed the perfect crime and she knows she can get away with it.

But Sigrid still can’t sleep. She knows she did something wrong. And if the Masters would notice the Deed in the morning, they might point a finger at Sigrid.

She makes her decision. Jumping up in the masters’ bed, she crawls toward the lady Master with a look of Sin on her face. She licks her nose; the taste still lingers in her mouth.

Master wakes up, notices the nose licking and the crawling. “What have you done?” she says and goes out in the living room. The empty plate is discovered, and the Master laughs even if she’s tired. She gives Sigrid a little hug. She knows that forgetting the stumps on the table was the Masters’ fault, not Sigrid’s.

Sigrid goes back to sleep on her bed, ready to sleep now. Forgiveness tastes good, too. Sometimes it’s just difficult to obey all the rules when you’re a little mutt.

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